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Guests (PDF)
Several authors write longer or shorter tutorials in the Daz 3D forums. After some time those tutorials disappear because they move farther back as new topics appear. This is a pity. I compiled some tutorials which catched my attention as being particularly helpful into PDF documents and publish them here with the permission of the respective author(s).

Mine (PDF)
It is easier to assemble a PDF document than build up a web page. Sometimes, people ask questions and those should be answered promptly, because the asking person waits for an answer. Other documents are the result of elaborate experiments from which others may also benefit.

Videos (Links)
Links to video tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo.

Memos (PDF)
The videos explain and show. After a while one would like to apply what was learned but it does not work, because an important detail got forgotten. The memos do not replace the videos, they are without explanations and rather intended as mnemonic. They are limited to two pages.
© Copyright: The copyright is with the respective authors.

Programs (PC only)
Programs I wrote myself for 3D use. An installation is not necessary. To unpack the ZIP file into an appropriate folder suffices. If you want to get rid of it, just delete it. My programs do not fool around the system. The programs are free but must not be sold. Of course, you use them at your own risk.

3D General (PDF) (not Bryce specific)
Documents that are valid for any 3D program and are not specifically Bryce oriented; for example also relevant for Daz Studio, Carrara, Maya, etc.

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