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— Memo: Lighting —

Fluorescent Edge — February 2013.
Pictures from scanning electron microscopes show the scanned objects often with a bright edge around them. This effect can be created with Bryce. (294 KB).
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Obscure Light — February 2013.
A great lighting method for still lifes, can also be used for landscapes but may be a bit limited. Uses IBL from Inside and True Ambience. (122 KB).
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Obscure Glow — February 2013.
Objects can be made to glow. Faint light is emitted while the light source is bright. Uses IBL from Inside and True Ambience. (143 KB).
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HDRI in TA Gels — March 2013.
A tone-mapped HDRI is used as gel on TA optimised radials and this gel produces an even light, which is suitable for still lifes. (159 KB).
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Obscure Gel Light — March 2013.
Combines two methods: HDRI in TA Gel and Obscure Light without the disadvantages of HDRI in TA Gel. This method casts good shadows and brightens up the parts turned away from direct light. (94 KB).
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Hyper Texture Driven Gel Light — January 2014.
Two TA render methods that create the Ambient Occlusion effect with and without colour transfer (Radiosity) without an additional light source that renders comperatively swift. (633 KB).
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Hyper Texture TA Image Projecting Hyper Gel Light — May 2019.
Coloured light in a room by a radial light with a gel from a spherical LDRI panorama, rendered with True Ambience. (488 KB).
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