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— Memo: Materials —

Glassy Objects — May 2013.
Real looking glass models are rendered with a bit of ambience and blurry transmissions. (198 KB).
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Satin and Velvet — June 2013.
Satin is a rather difficult material, velvet even more so. Here, one of the possibilities to create this effect is shown. (168 KB).
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Super Metal Effect — July 2013.
With the right texture it is possible to create outworldish strong reflections which can be controlled by an extra strong Metallicity effect. (256 KB).
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Hyper Texture — November 2013.
A hyper texture outputs super high positive or negative values which alter the parameters in the Mat Lab in unfamiliar ways. Additionally, there is the Phased Hyper Texture (5 pages, 301 MB). (115 KB).

Advanced SSS Effect — February 2014.
Bryce does not feature a direct material option for sub-surface scattering (SSS), the effect of a lower surface lighting the upper one with blurred reflections. This effect can be approximated, however. (151 KB).
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Trees on a Terrain — January 2014.
Using noise on a terrain to create distant trees and wood patches is a well known method. To use transparency and blurry transmissions is a less known method that gives excellent results with speedy renders. (727 KB).
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Snow on Trees — Mai 2019.
There are several possibilities to make a coniferous tree appear snowy. The method shown here uses a Hyper Texture and an AA Radius of 2. (310 KB).
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