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— Mine: IBL-HDRI —

Exporting an HDRI retaining full Dynamic — [Text only] — July 2013.
Study how HDRIs must be exported out of the IBL tab of the Sky Lab to retain the full dynamic range. Compilation of all export possibilities. 7 pages (508 KB).

HDRI Size and Projection — [Text only] — November 2014.
Demonstration that an HDRI in the background is sharper than an angular map with a comparable number of pixels and uses less memory, besides. 4 pages (629 KB).

HDRI Memory Usage — [Text only] — October 2014.
Study what types of HDRI Bryce loads, how much memory they use and what tone-mapping and exporting additionally claim. 3 pages (503 KB).

HDRI Light Sources — [Text only] — December 2014.
From an HDRI point light sources are generated for IBL that work like radial lights. Also, an HDRI can be generated from any sky either as sky dome only or as a full panorama. How many lights are generated is shown. 6 pages, 31 pictures (2,448 KB).

HDRI Light Control — [Text only] — July 2017.
A HDRI can light a scene and provide a backdrop as well. What power the pixel values in the HDRI have and how the available controls behave is discussed. 6 pages, 3 pictures (382 KB).

Rotating HDRI affects the Horizon — [Text only] — February 2018.
The HDRI can be rotated in all three axes: horizontal turned (Yaw), vertical tilt (Pitch) and sideways banked (Roll). If the horizon gets unlevelled, light and backdrop dramatically change. 8 pages, 42 pictures, 1 table (3,910 KB).

Panoramic Background — [Text only] — February 2016.
The HDRI can be rendered as background. With an additional LDRI panorama mapped on a sphere that encompasses the complete scene several effects can be generated. 6 pages, 25 pictures (2,437 KB).

HDRI Coloured — [Text only] — September 2016.
Monochrome HDRIs give white light. Sometimes, a coloured backdrop and a particular light temperature would be preferred. Instead of colouring the HDRI in an external program, a filter can be used that permits to colour the backdrop and the light separately. 4 pages, 18 pictures (1,295 KB).

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