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— Mine: Light —

Brightness and Falloff — [Text only] — October 2012, Updated October 2013.
Bryce features Linear Lighting Workflows which is a pre-requisite to get physically plausible results. This means that materials and light sources work linearly. Light sources can have linear and square falloff and they almost behave as such. This PDF shows what light intensities can be expected to reach objects at different distances. 9 pages (620 KB).

Soft Shadows — [Text only] — February 2018.
An object lit casts shadows on the lit surface on which it stands. Depending on the size of the light source and its distance to the object, the edge of the shadow fades, gets blurred, the edge gets soft at the transition to the lit surface. Hard edged shadows appear unnatural. 7 pages, 36 pictures (3,540 KB).

Linear Workflow — [Text only] — March 2014.
The document Brightness and Falloff shows that the lights in Bryce have linear properties. Here it is shown that Bryce renders linear and encodes only RGB images with Gamma, but not the ones exported as 96-bit. If images are loaded into the Picture Editor for materials, they are linearised. Bryce works completely with linear data like every a modern renderer. This is shown in this document. 3 pages (321 KB).

Parallel Gel Light — [Text only] — October 2015.
All Bryce lights accept gels (cookies, gobos). With them, light can be given a form, or cast shadows. It is also possible to render embossed objects. Additionally, the somewhat unfortunate control of the Distant Light is discussed. (1,224 KB).

Specular to TA Light — [Text only] — May 2016.
Diffuse light illuminates the objects usually. Specular can assume the function of the light, even objects can act as light sources if the scene is rendered with True Ambience (TA). 6 pages, 21 pictures (5,128 KB).

Hypertexture Obscure Light for Indoors — [Text only] — November 2017
Square Parallel Lights with hypertexture boosted ambience can be used as light sheets to illuminate rooms and individual walls if the scene is rendered with True Ambience (TA). An alternative to dome lights and fill lights. 8 pages, 32 pictures (1,623 KB).

Lightless Bright — [Text only] — June 2021
A scene lit without any light source, renders very fast. Interesting results. 4 pages, 19 pictures (1,915 KB).

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