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— Mine: Rendering —

Image Based Light with True Ambience — [Text only] — March 2016.
Image Based Light (IBL) can be combined with True Ambience (TA). Better even, the HDRI can be scanned by feeler rays for true Global Illumination; the HDRI tone-mapped or not; and the light can be boosted. 6 pages, 18 pictures (2,535 KB).

Ambient Occlusion and Clay Renders — [Text only] — December 2016, Updated July 2017.
Bryce does not have an engine to render Ambient Occlusion (AO). A Clay render is an approximation to AO but the term is not used consistently. Bryce can render a scene that comes close to a Clay variant. 6 pages, 13 pictures (4,907 KB).

DoF and DoF Ring Lens — [Text only] — February 2020.
Bryce can render a scene with Depth of Field (DoF). Instead of rendering some distance range focused and what is nearer to or farther from the camera blurred, the centre of the scene or a ring can be rendered sharp and everything outside this ring blurred. 5 pages, 32 pictures (3,619 KB).

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