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— Programs: Terrain —

TIFF4816 — 8.2 MB inclusive documentation; Windows 2000 and newer — November 2018.
The program TIFF4816.exe version 3.02 (182 KB) reads 96-, 48- and 24-bit TIFF image files and 96-bit RGBE HDR images that were exported from Bryce, and converts them into 16-bit greyscale TIFF, which can be imported into the terrain editor (TE). Additionally, 16-bit Plain and Binary PGM can be converted. An illustrated 20 page documentation is included.

SrawCoMo — 135 KB inclusive documentation; Windows 2000 and newer — December 2016.
The program SrawCoMo version 1.01 (32 KB) converts square aspect ratio colour RAW data images into monochrome RAW images that can be imported into WorldCreator and manipulated with the Post Filters. There are other uses, too. An illustrated 3 page documentation is included.

Bryce Terrain Editor Advanced Filters, TE-Filters v1.14, Windows 2000 and newer — May 2015.

This small program extends the Bryce Terrain Editor with additional filters that work very fast also on planetary 4096 resolution terrains; combines tiles as well. The program comes with 5 videos and 2 documents.

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