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— Private: Network —

Interconnecting Computers

Interconnecting computers always intrigued me. I have known IEEE-488, RS-232C and Centronics. I had developed my own blend of IEEE-488 and Centronics once. However, at the time it looked as if RS-232C would be the one with a future and I started to get more involved into it. The DCE - DTE problem so many struggled with was no problem for me after a short while. Every serial connection worked at once for me. Also having had programmed the Z80-SIO for the CPAC project was of great help to understand the protocol.

The other computer interconnection worked over the house telephone switchboard. Those kinds of computer interconnection did not have much of a practical benefit.


Home Network «Intranet»

After I had finished a TCP/IP course, I wanted to consolidate what I had learned and built up a network with my old and new computers at home. The three printers — A4 Laser, A4 Inkjet and A3 Plotter — were connected to a printer server. A NAS server was added and two USB harddisks connected to it. Some disappeared with time, new equipment was added.


Currently, computer graphics (CG) is a very important leisure-time activity and to render the pictures, a lot of computer power is needed. Bryce permits to render over the network since version 5. Even though an old machine may only take 10% of the work this still means a saving of half a day in a five day render.

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