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> 1. Generation ZX80/81

> 2. Generation SBCS

> 3. Generation FISC


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History Overview

Have you ever seen a Sinclair ZX81 or Timex TS1000 originally built with 5 integrated circuits (one Z80CPU, one 8 KB ROM, two 4 KB RAM and one 8 KB RAM) with 100 ICs, all hand-wraped on a breadboard 48 x 15 cm (18 x 6 inch)?

1. Generation ZX80/81
This is how it all strated with the Sinclair ZX80 and Soinclair ZX81 (Timex TS 1000).

2. Generation SBCS
Based on the ZX81 ROM, a new computer was built with nearly 100 off the shelf integrated circuit on a breadboard called Sinclair Based Computer System SBCS and an Extended BASIC.

3. Generation FISC
The third stage was the Flexible Instruction Set Computer FISC, built on plug-in boards that was extended with additional hardware built on plug-in boards: EPROMER, CV Generator and Phoneme Synthesizer.

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