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— HDRI —

Extraordinary exposures are shown here. Extraordinary in the sense of aspect ratio and dynamic range — i.e. the technology used. This is no container for snapshots. Gathering the photographs and the image processing afterwards were very time consuming.

This is strictly photography centered. There is more on the topic of HDRI in the Raytracing section, which is about computer graphics. However, the challenges that have to be overcome are in wide parts the same and getting some additional information might be helpful.

Short introduction into the topic of HDRI photography.

How to photograph for an HDRI and combine the pictures to an HDRI.

Evil Flaws
Mistakes can happen if we are not careful, and flaws can also creep in.

The dynamic range of HDRI images cannot be directly displayed at this time and has to be adapded according to the displaying device.

HDRI Pictures
Some tone-mapped HDRI indoor and outdoor pictures that could not have been made with a single exposure.

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