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— Gallery 2 —

Select a topic from the list at left. The available pictures will be displayed in a thumbnail format (250 x 250 max) — under each topic the newest first, the oldest last. Click on any of the thumbnails to access a larger and commented version (800 x 800 max). A still larger version can be opened from there (1600 x 1600 max). The thumbnails on this page serve as examples and are the newest addition to the respective gallery.

Note: If the Large-Picture is opened by clicking on the picture, the browser window closes automatically after 1 second when it is not the active window anymore.

More Galleries:

natur Nature:
Landscapes, buildings, plants. The landscapes may be possible or simply phantastic.
water Water:
Landscapes that consists mainly of water. Water is the central theme.
vegi Vegetation:
Landscapes with a lot of vegetation or pictures of flowers and trees. Plants are the main focus.
urban Buildings:
Buildings, castles, cities, streets, vehicles, traffic. Visible from the outside.
inside Inside:
The camera is located inside a room in a wide sense and either shows the inside of the enclosure or looks outside of the room.
chars Characters:
People, Robots, Animals, Monsters. The «person» is the main subject.
real Real:
Landscapes that exist at least in the form shown – on Earth or any other heavenly body. The landscapes are based on true elevation data but may be phantastic in other ways. Of course, real object belong here as well.
obj Objects:
Objects that may be possible or impossible and are shown more or less isolated from anything else. Still Lifes.
space Space:
Space scenes. Science fiction. Realisations of entirely phantastic ideas. Renderings from surfaces of existing planets that are based on real data can be found under the topic «Real».
fict Fiction:
Unreal things, renderings of art that cannot be «sold» as landscape or as object.
toon Cartoon:
Pictures of all topics listed above that have been rendered as drawing, sketch, clay, CEL-shaded (contour enhanced lines), AO (ambient occlusion), etc. and not as photograph or painting.
ana Anaglyphs:
Pictures of all topics listed above that have been prepared as anaglyphs and are perceived as 3D if viewed with red-cyan goggles.

cube Panoramas (HTML/JS — default, click on picture):
Pictures of all topics listed above that have been prepared as spherical 360° x 180° panoramas and can be viewed interactively with HTML5/JavaScript. The browser must be HTML5 compatible and JavaScript must be enabled.
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