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Projekts Overview

The projects presented here have hardly any use today. At best, they are interessting from a historian point of view. UZE and ADA still work after over 20 years and if I need to use them, I know where I find the manuals: here. This is the main reason for these pages.

  1. First Generation: Sinclair Z80 und Z81.
  2. Second Generation: SCBS (Sinclair Based Computer System).
  3. Third Generation: FISC (Flexible Instruction Set Computer with:
    • EPROMER, hardware of an EPROM programmer.
    • CV Generator, hardware of a Control Voltage Generators for analogue voltage controlled music synthesizers.
    • Phoneme synthesizer, hardware for a text speaking device.
UZE, Universal Z80 Engine
  1. Hardware Description.
  2. Z80 assembler source code listing of the operating system.
  3. Manual, command description of the operating system.
  4. Description how the source code can be assembled; usage of the system with a terminal program; accessing the routines with a high level programming language; additional commands in version 2.
  5. UZETERM, command description of the terminal program and the source code listing.
ADA, Analogue-Digital-Analogue
  1. Hardware description of the converter.
  2. Manual and command description.
  3. Assembler source code listing.
  4. An example session.
  • Links zu the source codes and manuals for download.
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