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2D, 3D, 4D – What Dimensions are
What does the term 3D actually mean and what raytracing programs can do in this respect.

Panorama – How Panoramas are made
Panoramas are pictures with a width of 360°. Cubical (or spherical) panoramas additionally cover 180° in the vertical direction.

Mirrorball – How Panoramas can be made using a Mirror Ball
360° x 180° panoramas can be made using a mirror ball. This is the fastest and cheapest method — unfortunately also the one that yields the lowest quality.

Anaglyph – How Anaglyphs are made
Anaglyphs are red-cyan coloured pictures that give you a 3D impression when viewed with special goggles. Discover here how easy they can be made. As a bonus, Wiggle-3D is presented.

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