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— Resources: Materials —

Cliff matFelswand.zip (21 KB) — For sheer cliffs with vegetation on the soft slopes. Size of terrain approx. X/Z/Y = 1000/1000/333. Download: click on picture.

Vineyard matVineyard.zip (18 KB) — Vineyard material for round rolling hills. Set Z to 90° to get vertical strips. Terrain size approx. X/Z = 1000, Y = 250. Download: click on picture.

Firn matFirn-a.zip (21 KB) — Firn / névé for steep glaciers. Terrain size approx. 1000 x 1000. Download: click on picture.

Firn matFirn-b.zip (20 KB) — Firn / névé for flat glaciers. Terrain size approx. 1000 x 1000. Download: click on picture.

Fog matFog-a.zip (11 KB) — Uniform Fog / Mist. Use «Diffusion» and «Ambiance» for colour and density; «Base Density» for density. Apply on a cube. Download: click on picture.

Fog matFog-b.zip (11 KB) — Fog patches, apply on a cube. To add some basic mist, change «Base Density». Download: click on picture.

Ruhiges Wasser matCalmWater.zip (22 KB) — A blue and a neutral water surface with faintly disturbed longitudal waves. Near the camera highly transparent, reflecting in the distance. Use on large 2D face. Download: click on picture.

Perforated sheetmetal matLochMetall.zip (16 KB) — Perforated metal sheet, use on 2D faces. Size and number of holes might have to be adjusted. Download: click on picture.

Square holes matLochMetall.zip (13 KB) — Body on which used features rounded square holes. Download: click on picture.

Reflecting aquares matPixReflection.zip (13 KB) — Creates pixelised or mosaic-like reflections on a body. Download: click on picture.

Note: How a material looks depends on the size of the textures used and the size of the object, on which it is applied. The size can be adjusted with the Material Options in the Transformation Tools and the Texture Mapping Mode.
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