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— Bryce Tips —

There are several key combinations that do something in a particular situation. Such hidden functions may be found in the manual — but who reads the whole book and remembers everything? And then, there are those that are not listed in any manual but somebody stumbled over by chance or by trial and error. Functions tested are presented here.
Sometimes you need some additional background knowledge to finish your project to your satisfaction.

Terrain Editor
Some clues to key combinations in the Terrain Editor. Partially, there are some differences between the Bryce versions 5, 5.5, 6 and 7.

The Bryce camera works like an ideal real camera, even lenses and filters can be used. The field of view (FOV) can be set, but not as focal length and the values that have to be entered can be a bit confusing. A calculator is included.

In some libraries the tiny pictures or thumbnails can be adjusted and even replaced.

Selected items can be excluded from the Anti-Aliasing pass. Bryce can be made to render several scenes one after the other without the need to start each one individually.

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