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Tools for 3D, Introduction and Links

There are a variety of programs that can be used to create worlds, objects or still lifes. Some are more adequate to do this than that while others are better suited for that than for this. Then, there are a number of further products, which permit to create elaborate objects which can then be exported and imported into the raytracing program of choice.

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Apophysis Apophysis: creates fractal images that can be used as backdrops.
Arbaro Arbaro: creates trees with trunks, branches, twigs and leaves which can be exported and given individually a material.
Bantam3DGrass Bantam3DGrass: Generates grass- and / or pebble-fields. Different grass and pebble types may be defined and mixed into the same field.
Caustics Caustics Generator: Caustics are light patterns that appear on the ground of a pool. This program generates pictures of such patterns.
Chaoscope Chaoscope: Creates 3D pictures from mathematical chaos functions.
City City Generator: The City Generator creates a 16-bit grey-scale picture which can be used as a terrain. With those terrains, amazing cities with skyscrapers can be created.
Daz3D Daz3D Studio: Daz3D Studio is specialized in 3D contents for art and animation. It is possible to render whole scenes, however, the real value of Daz 3D lies in its figures (men and beast).
EleFont EleFont: With Ele(vataed) Font you can create short three dimensional texts with any desired (installed) font and in any desired size.
Ivy Generator Ivy Generator: Grows ivy around an object. The object is imported, the starting point for the growth and a couple of parameters are defined. The ivy object can then be saved and imported into Bryce.
LathMaster LatheMaster: With LathMaster symetric objects can be created. Very convenient for vases, wooden pillars or similar objects.
MaPZone MaPZone: Exports tiles with many different material pictures (fabrics, woods, etc.).
MeshLab MeshLab: A complete program to model 3D objects and edit existing ones.
ngPlant ngPlant: Plants with stems/trunks, branches, twigs and leaves can be modelled and textured.
PlantStudio PlantStudio2: creates plants with or without blossoms and fruits. You can grow the plant and stop the process when the plant has reached to the desired age.
PTE PTE: Create terrains based on mathematical functions with the Parametric Terrain Editor. Function, order, amplitude and frequency can be selected and adjusted.
Spiralizer Spiralizer: As the name suggests, Spiralizer generates spirals. You can determine the number of arms and turns as well as the diameter.
StructureSynth Structure Synth: 3 dimensional structurs can be generated from Eisen-Scripts, then rendered and exported as objects.
TerraBrush TerraBrush: A terrain drawer and generator with a plethora of possibilities and options.
UVmapper UVmapper: Creates an unwind map for a body that will have to get a picture material.
Wings3D Wings3D: With Wings3D you can create far more complex object than would be possible with Bryce within a sensible timeframe. Boolean operations are possible as well.
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