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— Tutorials —

All tutorials that could be directly accessed from the earlier version of this website are now available as PDF documents and can be saved locally and printed easily. The links at left open an overview page with a brief description of the tutorials available and the link to the appropriate PDF file.

The tutorials were written for Bryce 5 to 6.1. They work also for Bryce 7.1 Pro, the pictures of some of the labs are not up to date anymore. But we know this from the Bryce 4 tutorials that can still be found.
Under the Bryce & 3D CG Dokumente (en) topic, more tutorials and links to videos for Bryce 7.1 can be found as PDF documents.

Wings3D is a free and very powerful application with which very elaborate models can be constructed easily. With Bryce, objects can also be modelled. Those that do not feel comfortable with the Boolean modelling process may find the subdivision modeller Wings3D easier to use.

Wings3D is free and available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is constantly under development. For the first four tutorials, version 0.98.26 was used, for the fifth 0.98.32a. Meanwhile we are at version 2, 32 and 64 bit. All previous versions are still available.

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