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Important Note

Although considerable research and testing went into these routines, the author declines any responsibility. It cannot be guaranteed that these calculators are fit for any particular purpose. Use them at your own risk.


Calculates Antenna Pointing (Azimuth and Elevation) to access any Satellite when orbital location and geographical Longitude and Latitude of the Earth Station are known.


Calculates from U/C and D/C center frequencies Mod and Dem IF frequencies and Slots. Can be used for 70 and 140 MHz IF. If you are working with a LNB/LNC and L-Band, enter L-band center frequencies as U/C and D/C center frequencies.


Calculates Transmission Rate and Allocated Bandwidth for QPSK and 8PSK modulated carriers according to Intelsat policy from Information Rate, Framing, FEC, Modulation Type and optional Reed-Solomon outer coder.

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