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Trade-Union Work

I joined the tame yellow PTT in-house union ChPTT in 1975 and soon accepted some voluntary functions, first in commissions, later in committees and finally assumed responsibility for the web presence for www.chptt.ch in 1996. The union merged with other C-unions who where under the same umbrella of the VGCV. The trade-union got a new name: transfair. I took over the office of the Webmaster from the beginning. During this time I built up the whole site twice. With the help two other colleagues — volonteers, too — each issue of the union journal was published completely in three languages: German, French and Italian.

A couple of self-written PHP scripts permitted the secretaries to publish important information directly by themselves. A guestbook was written in Perl CGI and an AltaVista forum installed. Since the second half of 2006 the site is being maintained by the «Mediamatics» apprentices at the union headquarter. After 10 years it was time to make room for the young and modern ideas.

For the webteam, I held a web course during two days at Nottwil. Later, I wrote an elaborate correspondance course that covered protocols, HTML and image processing (over 200 pages) that was completed in 8 legs by the members of the webteam.

I assumed voluntary trade-union functions for many years because I believe in solidarity. I hate power struggles and think an enterprise only functions if everybody does his or her part. The company will be successful if everybody is important and nobody is more important.

With the close relationship I had to all «Union Bosses» helped me enormously to prevent the demolition of the satellite-earth station by Swisscom and make the trite bean counter at the time looking for buyers for the installation.

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