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— The Weather in CH-3952 Susten: Graph Help —

Understand and Interpret the Graphs

Additional information to be able to interpret the graphs correctly.


— Temperature (Celsius)

a: Blue, Temperature lower than 0°C, i.e. below the freezing point.
b: Red bright, Temperature between 0°C and 24.5°C.
c: Amber, Temperature above 24.5°, i.e. it is a Summer Day.
d: Red, Temperature above 29.5°, i.e. it is a Heat Day.
e: Green, if selected, this line shows the inside temperature.
0, 1, 2: Applies to all graphs, see farther down.


— Humidity (%)

α: Grey, Humidity.
β: Green, the green line shows the humidity inside (provided Inside was selected).


— Wind Speed (km/h)

A: Blue bright, wind speed averaged over the period displayed.
B: Red bright, highest measured peak within the displayed period.


— Wind Direction (Degrees °)

The direction of the wind is recorded in 22.5° steps. The picture at left shows the scale of the compass in the resolution available.

0°=North; 22.5°=North-Northeast; 45°=Northeast; 67.5°=East-Northeast; 90°=East; 112.5°=East-Southeast; 135°=Southeast; 157.5°=South-Southeast; 180°=South; 202.5°=South-Southwest; 225°=Southwest; 247.5°=West-Southwest; 270°=West; 292.5°=West-Northwest; 315°=Northwest; 237.5°=North-Northwest; 360°=0°.

Time Scale 0, 1, 2

According to the selected period, the scale must be interpreted differently.

1: The dashed line shows the selected date at noon, i.e. 12 a.m. This is so for all selectable periods.

0, 2: Day limit midnight.
For the week period, the field between 0 and 2 corresponds to 1 day, 24 hours.
For the month period, the time of a field corresponds to 3 days. 0 means midnight (begin of the day) of the previous day and 2 midnight (end of day) of the following day.
The quart display shows 10 days between 0 and 2 and finally, the year display squashes 30 days within one field.

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