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— The Weather in CH-3952 Susten: Station —

The Weatherstation

A weather station manufactured by Davis Instruments is used. More information may be optained from

Weather Monitor II

Weather-Monitor with probes.

  • Barometer for the air pressure (880,0 - 1080,0 hPa),
  • Thermometer for the temperature inside (0,0°C - 60,0°C),
  • Hygrometer for the humidity inside (10% - 90%).
Temperature / Humidity

Thermo- and Hygrometer for sheltered outside installation.

  • Temperature outside from -45°C to 60°C in 0,1°C,
  • Humidity from 10% to 90% in 1%.

Water collector to measure precipitation (unheated).

  • Resolution 0.2 mm. The funnel most possibly is dirty most of the time. Because it is not heated, snow cannot be accurately measured.

Anemometer for the windspeed, the direction and gusts.

  • Windspeed and gusts from 0 km/h to 203 km/h (126 mi/h) in 1 km/h (0.622 mi/h).
  • Wind direction from 0° bis 360° in 22,5° steps
    [N - NNE - NE - ENE - E - ESE - SE - SSE - S - SSW - SW - WSW - W - WNW - NW - NNW - N]


The station itself is about 10 cm (4 inches) above computer and monitor. The clever visitor thus may reckon when this author's computer was running.

Hygrometer and thermometer are mounted just under the roof on a beam about half a meter (20 inches) outside the isolated outer wall of the building on the north side. Even though the wall is isolated, some warmth bleeds through it in winter. If someone opens one or more of the 8 windows, warmth rises and gets jammed under the roof where the probe is located. When there is no wind, the sun heats the roof and a bit of the warmth gets trapped. The temperature measurements have to be considered as relative — not absolute — values.

The anemometer is located on the roof and extends about 60 cm (two feet) over the gable. This is too low for reliable measurements. This values have to be taken as relative ones, too. The building is at least one story higher than any one in the vicinity.

The water collector is installed on the roof as well. My access to the roof is limitted and it is not possible to clean the collector often enough. Instead of water, bird excrements, insects and falling leaves are collected. Therefore, precipitation data is unusable and are not presented here.

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