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— IBL and HDRI: HDRShop —

Program and Plugins, assemble an HDRI with HDRShop: determine camera response curve, assemble a series of differently exposed pictures to an HDRI, display the picture and save it.

Fisheye lens, transform a series of pictures taken with a fisheye lens into a Light-Probe using the Panotools plugins and doing the same with pictures taken from a mirror ball photographed from above.

Transform pictures taken from the side of a mirror ball into a Light-Probe, remove camera and photographer, brightness and colour adjustment and white balancing.

Transform the six sides of a cube into a Light-Probe and get rid of the seams that appear.

Modifying the light intensity: uniformly adjust light intensity, Specularity, mathematical functions and boosting only the bright parts of a picture.

Diverse functions: transformations, image size, various filters and effects.

Installation of the plugins, plugins for the light, plugins for tone-mapping and plugins for other uses.

Plugin Filter
Plugin Filter: motion-blur filter, statistical and your own filters.

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